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Health Care

Kamdhenu Baladi Tel


Experiencing body aches, Vata Disorders, or General Discomfort? Kamdhenu Baladi Oil could be your solution. It's a blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including Dashamul, Kulthi, Bal Mool, Bor, and sesame oil. ..

₹220.00 ₹220.00

Kamdhenu Gomay Bhasma Dantmanjan


Kamdhenu Dantamanjan offers an excellent solution for various dental concerns. Formulated with natural ingredients like Kapur, Ajwain Sattva, and Gomay Bhasma, it promotes strong teeth and gums, fight..

₹45.00 ₹50.00

Kamdhenu Malish Tail


Kamdhenu Malish Tel, an Ayurvedic medicine infused with the therapeutic properties of Panchagavya. This herbal oil is specially formulated for addressing various physical discomforts. It provides reli..


Kamdhenu Ubatan


Kamdhenu Ubtan, an Ayurvedic face pack infused with the nourishing essence of Panchagavya. This herbal remedy is specifically crafted to help with acne, enhance skin luster, tone the skin, and promote..

₹25.00 ₹30.00
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