Kamdhenu Baladi Tel


For all Vat Vyadhi, Massage oil for weak men, women & Children, also for Pregnant woman. ..

₹220decimal_point00 ₹220decimal_point00

Kamdhenu Dantmanjan


For Dental care. Ettective in Gingivits, Pyorrhea, protects gums, removes bad breath..

₹45decimal_point00 ₹50decimal_point00

Kamdhenu Malish Tail


Useful in body Massage, Arthritis, Joint & Muscular pains, Sciatica, Paralysis...


Kamdhenu Ubatan


Face pack-helpful in Acne-vulgarise, improves lustre of skin and tones up face muscles...

₹25decimal_point00 ₹30decimal_point00